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Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Shares 5 Ways to Help Grow Business NOW

According to Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group, you don’t need to spend big bucks to get BIG results when marketing local businesses.  Here are 5 cost-effective  strategies.


Make new friends, but keep the old

Existing customers are the bread and butter of your business.  Make sure you don’t forget about them as you target new markets.  Marsh and Mihaly Marketing can create strategies to help you maintain the balance while expanding your client base.


Buddy up

By forming strategic partnerships, you can expand your reach exponentially.  Of course, sometimes finding those complementary businesses can be easier said than done.  The partners at Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group have a history of establishing solid alliances and building networks, with the help of groups such as the Chamber of Commerce.  Our expertise can make all the difference when looking for ways to work together.


Add volume to your voice

How many marketing channels are you currently using?  Are you making the most out of your social media?  Have you considered all of the advertising avenues available in DSTX?  Marsh and Mihaly have years of experience marketing Dripping and its vibrant business community.  From grass roots efforts to multimedia methods, we can maximize your marketing efforts while minimizing budget impact.


Leverage your “Local”

Everyone likes keeping it local, so make sure they know you’re here.  Marsh and Mihaly Marketing can optimize your website to ensure it’s locally focused.  From tags to descriptions, we can make sure your keywords are truly keyed in.


Bolster your Brand

Does your brand need a bit of a reboot?  We can help you find a clearer customer focus and even host a local launch, or should we say, relaunch? Let us show you how to reignite your spark through new contacts, fresh content or stronger marketing strategies.


At Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group, we offer FREE 30-minute consultations to help magnify your marketing efforts.  Email us to learn how.