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PO Box 1681 Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Marketing Dripping Springs: Dee and Dana= 2 D’s in a Pod

Dee Marsh and Dana Mihaly of Marsh + Mihaly Marketing, Dripping Springs


What do you want to be when you grow up?  We’ve been asked that question since we were kids, and more than 40 years later, we think we finally have the answer!  In fact, we’ve been doing it all along!  Marketing!  Well,  marketing Dripping Springs.

We started our careers the same way, hundreds of miles from each other, in broadcasting, marketing and public relations. Juggling all the responsibilities of family, our professional passions were often on the back burner. So, we learned to translate creative talents into part-time marketing and consulting work, and even volunteering at the local PTA—where we met!

We’ve covered some ground in the past 30 years: marketing director, substitute teacher, television show producer, ad agency exec, college relations director, retail sales, property manager and self-storage specialist at LockTite Storage – where we found that our dreams aligned. And now, Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group is officially launched.

Our story is not unique… Our needs are often sidelined by those of our loved ones. And now, with our experience — successes and failures — we are more determined than ever to dedicate ourselves to business owners and entrepreneurs who have traveled similar journeys.

At Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group, our mission is simple:  Marketing Dripping Springs.   We are dedicated to promoting local businesses and our community.  It’s where we live. It’s what we love doing.  Our vast experiences in marketing enable us to offer a wide array of services.  From digital advertising and social media to promotion and public relations, we have a medium that can magnify your business.  

Just like Marsh and Mihaly, every company has a story behind it.  Let us help you tell yours.

To learn more about our efforts in marketing Dripping Springs and its local businesses, please visit our Facebook page and Instagram account.

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