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Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Leads Launch of Community-Wide Support Campaign

DRIPPING SPRINGS, TX–Recent reports say the Coronavirus curve may be flattening; however, the road to recovery is still long. As we face this uncertain future, the present is crystal clear. Small businesses, families, community members—virtually EVERYONE—is feeling anxious, frustrated and helpless about the road ahead.

To encourage optimism in the community, Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group joined forces with Cathy B. Design and OSO Marketing to create a grassroots movement; “Drippin’ with Support, All in Y’all.”

The campaign starts with a sign. Hundreds of signs, actually.

The Drippin’ with Support group is producing yard signs, stickers and window decals to display throughout the community starting with yard signs from Dripping Springs Education Foundation. They will disperse them, free of charge, to the small businesses and local restaurants who continue to serve, despite the risks, just to stay afloat. The businesses can then use them as tokens of gratitude for patrons who support them. In turn, patrons can display the sign or sticker, showing that they are part of the local economic recovery process. The back side of the yard signs will be blank so that community members can write personalized messages of hope and appreciation to their neighbors, teachers, H-E-B employees, hospital workers and others on the front lines.

“What we all need is uplifting messages, encouragement and sense of community,” Dee Marsh said. “By supporting our small businesses and showing appreciation to the essential business employees, we will stay connected to each other as a community of strength to get through this together.”

The group’s efforts don’t end there. In line with social distancing directives, Drippin’ with Support has also created a digital community at and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where people can share ideas, inspirational thoughts, and acts of kindness.

“This is just the beginning. Imagine what we can do for our community when we join together to show we are Drippin’ with Support!” said Cathy Richardson, owner, Cathy B. Design.

Stickers, decals and signs are arriving now from OSO Marketing owner, Angela Fugate. If local businesses would like to participate in the program, please visit and fill out the contact form or message us through social media. And follow us on social media or our website to see who has joined the movement of Drippin’ with Support!