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PO Box 1681 Dripping Springs, TX 78620

About Us

Several years ago, while lending a helping hand to the Dripping Springs Elementary PTA, Dee Marsh and Dana Mihaly met at the popcorn stand and shared their passions. As their work and personal lives continued to overlap, they began plans for a future entrepreneurial partnership, and Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group LLC was officially launched.
Utilizing our team’s strengths and talents for all areas of marketing, business development, advertising and public relations, we can fit our small business services into anyone’s budget.
Dana Mihaly

After nearly a decade in local tv news and corporate public relations, Dana embraced the life of a “nomadic” military wife and launched a career that could travel with her.  Serving as a marketing consultant and small business owner, Dana specialized in producing, promoting and presenting national travel infomercials that aired in major markets throughout the country.  Her love of writing expanded to include the ever-evolving digital marketing world, where she helped design and launch several small business websites and social media campaigns.  In a desire to further sharpen her skills, she returned to school at the University of Texas where she studied digital marketing.  Her level of creativity and ability to work magic in all types of situations sets her apart from other marketing pros.

Despite having a full plate, Dana still leaves time for her other creative outlet, Sew Sisters, a custom apparel pop up shop.

When not dreaming up life’s next adventure, Dana and her now “military-retired, airline-hired” husband John, are trying to survive two teenage children, under the supervising eyes of their well-fed golden retrievers.

Marketing Magician
Creative Team
A Pool of Talent Designed for Strategic Success

Our team of creative and strategic professionals round out the Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group. We carefully select teams to align with your needs. No matter what challenges we face, we have the resources to conquer.

To learn more about our efforts in marketing Dripping Springs and its local businesses, please visit our Facebook page and Instagram account.