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PO Box 1681 Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Drippin’ with Support – We’re ALL in y’all!

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Who We Are

Drippin’ with Support is a positivity campaign inspired by three small, local businesses who wanted to stir up good vibes in the community!  Our initial goal was to help keep spirits up and our local economy functioning through an unchartered pandemic.

Today, the pandemic is over, but the positivity keeps flowing through social media channels and goodwill encouragement as we highlight the people and places that make our hometown great.

What We've Done

In 2020, with our families and our community facing the unknown, Cathy B Design, OSO Marketing and Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group joined forces to establish  Drippin’ with Support(DWS).  The group produced yard signs, stickers and window decals to display throughout the community.  They dispersed them, free of charge, to the small businesses and local restaurants who continued to serve, despite the risks, just to stay afloat.  The businesses were able to use them as tokens of gratitude for patrons who support them.  In turn, patrons could display the sign or sticker, showing that they were part of the local economic recovery process.

Thankfully, we’re now able to get back to normal and put the pandemic behind us.  But never fear—Drippin’ with Support is still alive and well, continuing to create good vibes on social media channels.  If you haven’t liked us, or followed our pages–we invite you to join.  After all, who doesn’t need a good pick-me-up every now and then?