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The Value of Using Pinterest for Building Industry

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If you are looking for some local fun this summer in Dripping Springs, Wimberley, or the Texas Hill Country… instead of Google, try Pinterest! You can use Pinterest to search things such as “local fun Dripping Springs” and tons of articles will pop up, such as 15 fun things to do in Dripping Springs, the best spots in Dripping Springs, an insider’s guide to Dripping Springs and much more. Hopefully this helps you begin to see the value of using Pinterest for building industry.

The online ‘pinboard’ Pinterest is based on the pillars of visual content in its entirety. The popular social media platform has been running since mid-2010, and had 11.7 million unique users in January 2012 itself, making it the fastest site in history to surpass the 10 million user mark. 

The strong visual element of Pinterest makes it a great place for people in the construction industry, especially architects, engineers and contractors, to post their projects or to display and interact with their target audience in Pinterest jargon. Besides, with over 100 million active users appreciating, repeating and commenting on the board every day, the social platform has now become a popular tool for construction companies to attract and inspire architects, designers, entrepreneurs, and homeowners.

Where the Value Lies: Use Cases on Pinterest for Building Industry

Share Workflows with Customers through Infographics

With infographics emerging today as one of the most popular promotional content type on Pinterest, construction professionals can easily communicate their business workflows, processes, and methodologies using attractive graphics. This not only improves communication, but is also an excellent marketing tactic, attracting much more attention than usual.

Talk About Your Projects or Research 

Pinterest is also a great marketing tool for displaying project data, white papers, research basics, or interesting case studies for wider coverage. Simply upload the content to your website or blog and pin the cover of that study, white paper or project to Pinterest and you’ll begin to see the value of using Pinterest for building industry. 

You can also connect your pin to an exclusive registration page. This will not only attract potential customers, but also lead them directly to your registration page, thus helping you gain more customers and driving more traffic to your site. 

Showcase Your Product Portfolio 

Construction businesses can also share photos with machines, tools, and other products offered by their company on Pinterest for the interested eye. Pinterest has already expanded its list of categories so that “products” can now be “listed” exclusively. True, there are already a lot of consumption products in Pinterest, but there’s always room for more! Industry leaders like General Electric (GE) are already paving the way with product-led content on the platform today. 

Let them Sneak a Peek into Your Company Culture 

Customers and companies are more likely to do business with you after viewing your online social profile and learning more about you, your products, and your services. Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses in the building industry to show off their culture and practices beyond just projects or products.

Share images of various events that your company organizes or is participating at. Weave and present stories surrounding the origins and ideas behind a product or project, share insights on the design thinking. Post photos with your employees on construction sites to help others. Top architecture firms like Perkins + use Pinterest are using such exciting ways and many more to keep their audience interested. 

We Can show you the value in using Pinterest for building industry.

Because Pinterest, as a social platform, offers a vast audience of potential buyers, it emerges as a unique marketplace for construction professionals and home builders. 

Interestingly, most Pinterest users are women, with 77% of users falling between the age bracket of 18 and 54, and 87% of women trust Pinterest as a reliable source of information. 

This very assortment of 18- to 54-year-olds are the prime target audience for home builders. Usually, the final decision to hire a contractor to build or repair a house and dictate design, aesthetic and functional considerations is best made by the women in the family. This makes Pinterest a rich source of potential leaders for home builders.

Using Pinterest for Building Industry

So, are you marketing on Pinterest already? Are you looking for help to get you started for seamless onboarding and consistent content creation? Get in touch with our experienced team at Marsh and Mihaly Marketing Group and let us help you with your Pinterest marketing needs so you can focus on your customers! We’ll show you the value in using Pinterest for building industry.